Health Education

Finding a Right Doctor for You

Finding the right doctor for oneself or one’s family can be a daunting task especially when the need arise suddenly. Nevertheless, it is an exercise that pays rich dividends in the form of confidence, appropriate attention, and good health. Therefore, our first suggestion to readers is to engage in this exercise at the earliest. There is no single formula that can help achieve this objective for everyone as people have different needs, options, and priorities based upon myriad factors.


Influenza is a viral disease with global distribution and is characterized by sudden onset of fever, malaise, joint pains, running nose, and infection of the throat, nasal passages, respiratory passages, and the lungs


A common condition of blood insufficient oxygenation that affects millions worldwide, sometimes without their knowledge

Breastfeeding of Infants and Young Children

Breastfeeding of infants and young children is a moral, natural, and unique function that women engage with their infants and young children with unparalleled advantages for themselves, their recipients, communities, and the humanity.

Improving Access to Healthcare

Access to healthcare is not easy for everyone. Such an access can be readily available for some while for others it may be difficult to extremely difficult or sometimes even unavailable due to several factors


Self-medication Self-medication is an individual behavior that refers to the consumption of a pharmaceutical agent in violation of relevant guidelines in order to influence health status Self-medication is a rampant and global phenomenon. It is a controversial behavior that can has some benefits but might also lead to serious adverse impact. The final outcome of such a practice depends upon the manner in which it is carried out. As of now, there is a considerable ambiguity surrounding this practice. On the positive side, self-medication is known to offer an alternative to the problems of inadequate access to healthcare whereas on the other side, it is fraught with the risks of inducing toxicity and dependence. This article touches upon the reasons, consequences, and measures to how the best it can be put to a beneficial use.

Staying Safe in Hot Climate

Hot climate challenges a majority of the world population as the most populous regions of earth are prone to high temperatures for varying duration in any given year. The climate change and global warming have further compounded a common interest in issues faced by people. The outside temperatures can go up by more than 10 degrees Celsius beyond our body temperature (37 degrees C), and stay stuck high for days to weeks at a stretch. This puts a strain on our body systems which sometimes exceeds our capacities to cope.

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