This practice serves its clients in the following manners:

Online Consultations



In Person Consultation

In person Consultations

We provide consultation to the attending patient in a relaxed atmosphere and with total confidentiality.

We believe in total transparency and convey an assessment about prognosis after examination, or after investigation reports if necessary




Follow ups

Each follow up visit is accompanied by patient history and examination, with an analysis of laboratory reports, if any.

At times, patient is given advice on how to deal with the condition and to report back, only when necessary. Preventive measures to deal with condition too are advised.


Follow Up


Dr Vinay Kumar


Whenever absolutely necessary, procedures are undertaken using best equipments and all necessary precautions as per guidelines issued by the guiding authorities.




Preventive checkup

Patients are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyle and to become proactive in their management in collaboration with the attending physician.

We like to see our patients enjoying good health and successful in their self management under supervision.


Preventive Checkup


Email And Web Support


Email and Web based Support

Wherever possible and necessary, we provide email or web based support to our patients so that they are able to take better care.

Second opinions are also provided in some cases.



Our Distinguishing Characteristics

We offer distinguishable services that are unique because of


Our experience in the field for over three decades

Our commitment to quality, honesty, confidentiality, and integrity

Our endeavor to minimize inconvenience and burden to our clients

Our policy to employ workers from the marginalized sections

Our proactive approach to help you lead a healthy, productive life

Total visits

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