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This practice offers services that deal with conditions of the skin, mucosal membranes (inner linings of mouth cavity and genitalia), nails, hairs, sexually transmitted diseases, and Leprosy. In addition, content related to fitness and maintenance of well being will also beshared to promote holistic health of users of this website.

This website caters not only to individual concerns, but it also focuses on public health aspects. It is our privilege to serve the patients and community offering them our services with dignity, concern and confidentiality necessary to build trustworthy relationships. We believe in staying up to date with our knowledge of our fields and employ best in class tools and equipment.

Your dermatologist has been involved with clinical dermatology since 1980. He has logged in more than 1,400,000 hours with patients in his career till date. A considerable part of this time has been spent in teaching and research. He considers it as his privilege to be granted an opportunity to be of use and help to the community.

Here is a summary of our practice policies:


Practice Policies

Confidentiality Policy

This practice treats all data including demographics, identification, history, notes, treatments, prognosis, and a financial detail related to our service recipients as sacrosanct, confidential, and is committed to safeguard the same as per currently prevalent provisions of law and medical practice.


Referral Policy

This practice maintains a list of credible, affordable, and reputed healthcare service providers and interacts with them solely on considerations of patient welfare. The list of our associates is dynamic in the senses that with evolving circumstances, additions or deletions are inevitable. We are happy to explain the rationale behind any referral. Not only that, we encourage you to make independent enquiries and visit a provider of your choice. While being referred by this practice for assessment or management of your condition, you can be assured that there is a genuine need for the same and that you can expect to receive a fair opinion about the cause of referral.


Policy related to Generics

It is our commitment that patients’ interest will always be the foremost consideration in every transaction with this practice. You have an absolute, unquestionable, and irrefutable liberty in matters pertaining to the exercise of your choices while availing any of our services. We neither recommend nor promote any particular pharmaceutical product, treatment modality, pharmaceutical company, investigation centre, pharmacy, or any other entity connected with providing services related to healthcare delivery. Good faith and trust earned over several decades are the only criteria for any recommendations made by us.


Policy related to Emergencies

At this stage, the services at this practice are restricted to only business hours. In case of an emergency, this practice might be able to suggest you available options. Kindly ask for more information at the time of your visit and we will be glad to help you.


Alternate drugs

The practice will supply you with a list of alternate drugs on demand.


Concession Policy

This practice believes in fair and equal treatment for everyone. However, the service recipients might request for a concession on compassionate grounds. Such requests will be dealt with on a case to case basis by the physician. The decision on such requests will be valid for single transaction and will be binding.


Patients as a Family

This practice treats its service recipients like family members. Dealing with skin concerns is just one aspect of the complete gamut of our mutual interaction. We wish you a happy, content, healthy, and useful interaction with us. We celebrate your achievements, and encourage you to do still better.


Community concerns

This practice acknowledges the contribution of the community towards its existence. We are indebted to all sections of local and global community for our existence. This practice realizes that some of the sectors of our larger community have special needs and are underprivileged as far as their access to modern healthcare is concerned. This practice reserves its right to provide compassionate care for the needs of such categories.


Skin and Holistic Health

Skin is just one organ of our bodies protecting the rest of everything that is within us. The skin and the rest of organs are mutually dependent. This practice believes that good health of skin is a function of one’s overall fitness. For an optimal functioning of all of our body systems, we need to harmonise them. Our blog is an attempt to bridge the information gap that exists between science and the general public.


Health Education

This practice believes that correct, up to date, and reliable information pertaining to health is a basic requirement for any healthy community. We intend to share disease prevention measures, methods to deal with diseases in an efficient manner, tips to reduce dependence on healthcare services, promote healthy lifestyles and behaviour, enhance life satisfaction, and facilitate development of healthy and happy communities. Our blog will attempt to enrich readers’ knowledge through multiple contributors.


Rights and Responsibilities of Patients/Accompanying Persons


This practice follows a philosophy of compassionate care with our core beliefs of transparency, honesty, respect, non-discrimination, and confidentiality.

This practice owes allegiance to professional codes of conduct as per the Hippocratic Oath and Medical Council of India.

Going a step beyond the above mentioned professional oaths, we are committed to

  • To act as a guardian of individual and public health
  • To help prevent disease processes right from the preconception stage
  • To constantly stay updated with knowledge
  • To follow the principles of compassion and non discrimination in all our dealings
  • To confine our practice to our core domain of Dermatology and Venereology
  • To seek appropriate professional help whenever it is in the interest of our service recipients
  • To refrain from any influence that can interfere with our professional conduct
  • To remain open to suggestions and feedback
  • To exercise our right to defend us and to take appropriate action for guarding our reputation, staff, data, and physical properties


Responsibilities of Patients, Attendants, and other Users of this Practice


  • Consultation charges are on the basis of one person each visit.
  • We expect service recipients to be punctual, courteous, make available their past and current treatment records at every visit, comply with both written and oral instructions, notify any allergies or contraindicated medications, and disclose status concerning HIV/Hepatitis/another infectious disease that could harm any staff of this practice.
  • Service users are expected to pay for the services in advance or at the agreed point of time which usually is the point when they get registered. The practice does not have a credit policy.
  • The treatment related records and receipts will be supplied instantaneously. We are unable to issue any duplicate prescriptions/bills.
  • The practice has the best interests of our service recipients on mind.
  • Patients are issued certificates of illness/fitness when they are present in person and there is no charge for these services.
  • This practice is confined only to its physical premises or through website. The domiciliary visits are not conducted by this practice.
  • In case of any doubt/further clarifications, please contact any staff member of this practice.


Conflict of Interest Statement


This practice follows the core principle of “Patients First” in letter and spirit. This practice would never enter into any negotiation or deal with any entity that can harm interests of its service recipients in whatsoever manner possible.

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