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Dr Vinay Kumar


Dr. Vinay Kumar has been a brilliant student during his school and college education. Right from an early age, he was deeply interested in science and its applications. These pursuits prepared him well for an entry into medical profession. During his medical school education, he was fascinated by the sciences of Microbiology and Skin and Venereal Diseases. This led him to qualify as an MD in both the subjects. He chose to pursue his practice in the field of Dermatology and Venereology. While being in practice since 1989, he has nurtured a reputation as a devoted professional.

He pursued a Master of Public Health (2012) degree from Des Moines University, IA, USA in order to equip himself with improved knowledge and skills to improve health standards of his patients and the community.

He is passionate about focussing on the preventive aspect of diseases as he believes that superior health outcomes can be realized by preventive measures rather than the current medical model with its emphasis on damage control after the disease has set in. His contention is that improved awareness and lifestyle changes have the potential to drastically reduce the burden on individuals, communities, as well as healthcare services.

A lifelong learner, an avid book reader, a music aficionado, and ever ready to cultivate positive traits, sum up his personality. He is deeply respected by his colleagues, co-workers, patients, and their families.

His mission is to see everyone healthy, happy, and to contribute to the community in a positive manner. Best wishes from your dermatologist for your good health and joyous life!

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