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  • Aug 12, 2018

Wrinkles Treatment



With every passing year, the skin continues to get thinner and less elastic which shows up as increased the lines and furrows on its surface known as wrinkles. Eventually every one of us is going to get wrinkles. However it is possible to prevent and treat wrinkles using modalities that are much less cumbersome, safe, effective, and are research based





What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles are increased creases, ridges, and lines on the skin that make the skin look aged, listless and worn out.


Why do some people develop wrinkles earlier than others?

Wrinkles are a part of normal ageing. However, certain individuals are more likely to develop them earlier. The factors responsible for premature wrinkling are fair complexion, diabetes, hereditary disposition, prolonged sun exposure, smoking, and outdoor activities.


Is there a relationship between wrinkles and Diabetes?

Diabetics undergo changes in their skin collagen which makes them more prone to develop wrinkles.


What happens to the skin that develops wrinkles?

Wrinkles result from the loss of “collagen” from the deeper layers of skin. As collagen supports skin structure like a bed mattress, its loss leads to inelasticity and sagging of overlying skin.


When do wrinkles start to appear under normal conditions?

Wrinkles are an accentuation of changes in the skin that start as early as twenties but keep on getting more pronounced with advancing age. There is no particular age when wrinkles should become apparent. However it is possible to halt their progression by modification of lifestyle and simple yet effective measures.


Which parts of the body are most affected by wrinkles?


 Wrinkles appear anywhere on the skin. However, areas with a thin skin like the face, neck, backs of the hands and forearms bear brunt of the problem.


What are the types of wrinkles?


There are mainly two varieties of wrinkles. The commonest variety comprises of fine, shallow but nearly uniformly distributed wrinkles. The other variety is the deep wrinkles that are seen only in specific areas of the face where the overlying skin loses its elasticity because of repeated movement of skin overlying facial muscles. The latter are likely to occur in the areas like between the eyebrows, over forehead, and on the outer corners of the eyes.


Is it possible to prevent wrinkles?


Yes, it is possible to prevent wrinkles.


What is the best time to start working on wrinkle prevention?


 Prevention should begin as early as young age.


How to prevent wrinkles?


Wrinkles can be prevented by avoiding the factors responsible for their causation.


How wrinkles are treated?

The treatment is aimed at replenishing damaged or lost collagen or by inducing fresh collagen to grow. As collagen has a half life of 15 years, therefore, once collagen stock is replenished, the beneficial effect is likely to last for a considerable time.


How do various treatments for wrinkles compare with each other?


The treatments for wrinkles can be either invasive or non-invasive depending upon whether the affected skin is being penetrated or not.


The invasive modalities include dermal fillers, injections of short acting muscle poisons/ artificial collagen/ fat, deep chemical peels, and plastic surgery. However, invasive procedures in general are expensive, and also run higher risk of side effects. These risks have been considerably reduced by stimulation of natural collagen production using high speed needling. This procedure is called Microneedling.


On the other hand, the non invasive treatments (like vitamin A acid, alpha hydroxy acids or glycolic acids peels, antioxidants, vitamin C preparations, and moisturizers) have moderate efficacy but their usefulness is enhanced when they are combined with Microneedling or another invasive procedure.


Can I use commercially available wrinkle preparations and expect to get comparable results?


In general, all the wrinkle remedies available in the stores are non invasive and affect only upper layers of the skin without affecting the actual sites where the real cause of wrinkles resides.

It should be noted that commercially available preparations do not address individual concerns.  Therefore, such preparations cannot match the efficacy of customized treatment. Some of these preparations contain well known ingredients used in wrinkle treatment but their low concentration and unsupervised use limits final outcome from the viewpoint of the user.


What is Microneedling and how does it improve wrinkles?


Microneedling involves use of controlled high speed variable depth needling of the affected area using sterile needles reaching up to the site of collagen synthesis. The area to be treated is first made numb by application of suitable preparations. This stimulates new collagen formation which ultimately results in smoothening of wrinkles. The whole procedure takes nearly one hour and the patient can return home immediately and get back to work the very next day. In majority cases, three to six sittings with roughly six weeks gap in between are considered appropriate for the most.


What single factor is the most important in determining the outcome of wrinkle treatment?


The most important thing is formulating and following a customized treatment plan.


What should be the ideal treatment plan for wrinkles?


The effects of wrinkle remedies can vary from ineffective to highly effective and to get the most out of the available options; you need expert guidance which only a qualified and experienced specialist can provide. A combination of non invasive and invasive treatments has the advantages of speed, efficacy, and least disruption of routine with overall safety. Dietitian and medical support further improve the outcome. Therefore, a customized plan has the best potential to succeed in a given situation. It must be emphasized that no two subjects have the same set of causes for wrinkles and their responses too can be different.


How long does wrinkle treatment last?


The duration of treatment varies according to the plan which is decided upon by mutual consultation.


Is any post treatment care required to prevent wrinkles from reappearing?


Yes, a post treatment plan is necessary to maintain beneficial effects of treatment.


Are there any adverse effects of wrinkle treatment?


The side effects depend upon treatment plan and the skills of the treatment provider. In experienced hands, risk of developing any side effects is minimal. The best outcome and highest safety depend upon the choice of right combination of invasive and non invasive modalities along with recommendations to modify diet and lifestyle.


What results can I expect after treatment?


The treatment response to wrinkles depends upon various factors including the combination of modalities employed, skills, and the commitment of both the patient and the provider. Moreover, subjects can have different satisfaction levels. In general, better results require both the patient and the physician to adopt a team approach. We emphasize a good post treatment care plan.





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