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  • Nov 04, 2018

Warts, Moles, & Skin Tags Treatment using Lasers

The term LASER is short form of a light that has unique characteristics which make it suitable for medical and surgical applications. Some of these characteristics include ability of these rays to modify body constituents without affecting surrounding structures.

Significance of Lasers

The lasers have come as a boon for treating skin diseases. Lasers can be used for knifeless surgery without touching the area to be treated. However, the general population has little knowledge about this modality. It is our belief that awareness about proper use of lasers can definitely improve the outcomes while saving effort and money. Warts, Moles, & Skin Tags are the commonest skin growths for which laser treatment is routinely employed.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of Laser treatment over other means for removal of skin growths are

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. No or minimal blood loss/pain
  4. Faster recovery
  5. Reduced risk of infection/ recurrence
  6. Ease of performing procedure in OPD setting

The disadvantages of Laser treatment include

  1. Expensive (due to higher investment and maintenance costs of equipment)

Laser Treatment for Skin Growths

As you approach your doctor for Laser treatment of skin growths, you are likely to undergo following steps in the given sequence

  • Explanation of the procedure, alternative treatments, and related information
  • History
  • Investigations, needed in some cases
  • Fixing an appointment
  • Documentation
  • Instructions to shave and clean the part before arrival
  • Thorough cleaning followed by numbing the area procedure
  • The procedure itself which is likely to be almost painless
  • Rest may be advised in some cases
  • Lesions maybe covered/dressed and medication applied
  • Generally, you can go home and resume normal work within a few hours
  • A follow up is advised and any post-treatment issues are dealt with
  • Your doctor advises you about prevention

In our practice, we ensure that every patient receives instructions on how to prevent recurrences

Tips for Faster Recovery after Laser Treatment

  • Keep the area protected until healed
  • Take proper medication
  • Avoid wetting or sun exposure
  • Be attentive to notice any untoward event and report the same



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