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  • Nov 05, 2018

Under Eye Dark Circles

Under Eye Dark Circles


The problem of under eye dark circles is one of the commonest cosmetic concerns due to which patients get anxious, psychological stress, and frustration. Most patients  fail to understand its reasons and remedies and tend to waste resources on promises and advertised products but are disappointed with alternative measures.


The problem of under eye dark circles is more common with Asian women of middle age group. Racial, climatic, or nutritional factors might be partially responsible for this finding. There is a plethora of opinions, remedies, and products touted to improve under eye dark circles which further adds to the confusion. A compilation of scientific facts about different aspects of this condition is likely to educate and empower those concerned with this managing this condition.


Quick facts

·         Dark circles under their eyes can affect both men and women

·         Mainly a cosmetic concern, under eye dark circles could be a pointer to an underlying illness which can be managed and leads to their disappearance or improvement

·         An effective cure is not available for most cases as the condition may defy defining an exact cause, or there could be multiple causes some of which might remain undetected or unresolved. A better understanding of causes is definitely more helpful

·         Considerable financial burden can be avoided by customizing treatment strategy for each patient


Causes and Remedies

The causes for under eye dark circles could be local or systemic, and operating in conjunction with varying ferocity.


    Local causes may be:

·         Thinning of skin (as in aging)

·         Wasting diseases and malignancies

·         Loss of fatty issue as seen in weight loss or general debility

·         Poor muscular tone

·         Allergies


   Systemic and constitutional causes include genetic or racial traits as well as might include:

·         Sun exposure

·         Smoking

·         Dehydration

·         Fatigue

·         Thyroid disease


 Coping strategies for under eye dark circles include:

·         Restricting sun exposure

·         Inducing lifestyle changes

·         Fatigue

·         Prevention of dehydration


  Others helpful measures are:

·         Appropriate tests for thyroid abnormalities and suitable treatment

·         Cold compression

·         Chemical peels

·         Laser

·         Hyaluronic acid injections

·         Camouflage




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