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  • Aug 14, 2018

Skin Protection from Environmental Pollution

Air pollution is becoming a major concern for skin related ailments. We hereby offer you practical suggestions to protect your skin, the natural protector of our bodies, from the harmful effect of air pollution that we encounter in our daily routines.


An effective prevention strategy

The key measures of preventive strategy are:

  •  Avoid staying in the polluted environment for prolonged periods
  • Keep on washing your face and exposed parts as frequently as possible. It is recommended to use just plain and fresh water at room temperature and then dab dry with a soft towel or tissue paper.
  • Use a suitable moisturizer or an emollient cream in a thin layer over exposeds kin areas
  • Consume plenty of water, fresh fruits, vegetables, and beverages to ensure your body receives adequate vitamins and minerals
  • Avoid heavy makeup and always use a suitable foundation before any makeup
  • Regular sleep, exercise, and stress relieving activities like meditation offerg reat advantages in rejuvenating skin
  • Abstain from or at least cut down on use of tobacco, alcohol, or addictive

Measures for High-risk Individuals

We have observed that the maximum harmful impact of air pollution on skin occurs in the following categories of individuals:

  • Having residence in areas with high vehicular density, construction activity, and industrial units
  • Being fair complexioned
  • Daily commuters
  • Those engaged in high stress jobs like Executives, Professionals, Academicians, and Bankers
  • School and college-goers
  • Engaging in outdoor activities like sales, sports, and marketing
  • Having a sensitive skin
  • Being on medication, especially hormonal preparations
  • Being overweight or obese


Skin Changes due to Air Pollution

  • Dullness and loss of natural glow disproportionate to one’s age
  • Skin darkening/pigmentation
  • Wrinkling
  • Roughness
  • Thinning and loss of skin tone
  • Skin lesions like redness, bumps, hives, allergies, pimples, and development of cancers

It is common knowledge that most individuals start taking notice of their skin long after the damage has set in.

Most of skin damage can be made up using a combination of professional advice, effective skin interventions (FDA approved), and a set of basic guidelines for post treatment maintenance.



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