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  • Nov 05, 2018

Skin Complexion Lightening using Lasers

Skin Complexion Lightening using Lasers


Millions of people are unhappy with their skin tones. Most of them have a wheatish, tanned, and darker complexion. Most such people have a self- perceived or subjective notion about their skin complexion whereas the concerns of some are genuine. These subjects tend to spend a lot of money and effort to lighten their complexion but the outcome is rarely commensurate with their expectations.



Our skin color tone or complexion is a combination of many factors. Out of them, the biggest contributor is our genetic makeup. We are programmed to have skin complexion of a particular tone. The nature has chosen the best for us suited to our best interests. The skin color is caused by the presence of a pigment whose composition is our best shield against harmful rays in the sunlight. Most other factors that determine our skin color are of an acquired nature and these modify the basic skin complexion in tune with their role. There are myriad modalities that are available to lighten the skin complexion. However, these modalities can at best yield a short term improvement in one’s complexion. We believe that a scientific knowledge on the effect of skin lightening measures can make it easier for those interested in this subject.


Quick facts

·            Medium and dark skinned individuals of either gender are likely to be more concerned about skin lightning procedures.

·            Skin complexion is a measure of the presence of a pigment called Melanin. Presence of more Melanin often results in a darker complexion.

·            The amount of melanin in our skin is determined by our genetic makeup.

·            In addition to genetic constitution factors like sun exposure, hormonal status, use of certain chemicals or medicines, and skin injury can also affect our skin complexion.

·            Skin lightning or bleaching procedures aim to reduce the pigment in our skin but only temporarily.

·            Skin bleaching products might contain harmful chemicals like mercury or its compounds which sometimes are mentioned under confusing names, and can be potentially risky for our health. Some of such products cannot be used safely during pregnancy. Several countries have banned a number of bleaching products in the interests of public safety.

·            People with darker tones are at greater risk of damage from complexion lightning procedures


Complexion Lightning Measures

If you are planning to seek improvement of your skin complexion, you must discuss and formulate your strategy with your doctor. Sun screening is proved to be one of the most effective and safest ways to lighten skin complexion.

Bleaching agents offer temporary relief and at considerable risk to your health.

Laser complexion lightning is relatively safe, and is at least as effective for complexion lightning as other modalities. Laser complexion lightning works by removing the outermost layer of skin along with its pigment and these layers eventually gets replaced by freshly grown skin that usually is lighter in color. However, the results of laser complexion lightning vary in different individuals.

Laser complexion lightening procedure is used after numbing the area, with both the operator and the subject wearing protective glasses. the procedure can cause mild pain in the treated area.  Cooling of the treated area is done simultaneously to help reduce swelling and redness. A session typically lasts 30-45 minutes and the patient may be permitted to go back almost immediately thereafter. Multiple sessions are usually needed to achieve the desired outcome. The redness and swelling after the session subside in one to two weeks and fresh skin starts making its appearance. You must follow your doctor’s instructions during and after the sessions meticulously for best results. These suggestions are likely to relate to washing with plain water followed by drying by dabbing, need based use of moisturizers, pain relieving medication as per requirement, and above all about strict sun screening for six months or even longer.

The net outcome of laser mediated complexion lightning is dependent upon several factors and varies from person to person. However, laser skin lightning procedure is a safer option and offers additional benefits over bleaching methods in the form of a healthier looking skin, fading of freckles or skin blemishes, and improvement in wrinkling.



·         You should avoid any product that lists mercury, hydroquinone (in more than 2% concentration), and steroids.  Using such products has a high risk of causing premature aging, skin cancer, slow healing after an injury, and allergies.

·         If the packing does not list the ingredients and their concentration, you must avoid it.

·         Some of the relatively safer skins lightening agents for self use but under supervision are

Retinoic acid

Kojic acid


·         The process of laser skin lightning may not result in uniform results across individuals.




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