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  • Aug 03, 2018

Micro-needling in Skin Conditions

Microneedling is the name of a procedure that is carried out to stimulate remodeling of skin layers with the use of a device known as Dermapen

The procedure involves insertion of automatically controlled multiple vibrating needles into the skin to induce natural regeneration of skin components for wrinkle improvement, skin tightening, reduction in pore size, and improvement of stretch marks. Therefore, this basically is a technique by which body’s innate ability to repair skin through the production of collagen is utilized.

Instructions to get the most from Micro-needling!

Microneedling is not suitable for the pregnant, those on blood thinning medication, and individuals with  overreactive skin 

1. Microneedling is carried out by using sterile single-use needles. On the day of procedure, you should have normal bath and food before you arrive at least 15 minutes before the procedure. Makeup and other creams/ lotions/ moisturizers should be avoided. The pre- procedure preparation involves steps of cleaning, disinfection, and local anesthesia.

The main procedure employs a pen like device with vibrating needles attached to the pen and the device is passed over different areas of the face in different directions. There is no pain but a gentle humming sound is audible. The process takes from 30-45 minutes on an average depending upon the size of the areas to be treated and the speed of the operation which has to be adjusted for an individual patient. Some tiny bleeding spots like insect bites might be noticed during and after the procedure but the total blood loss is negligible.

2. Just after the procedure and cleaning of the treated area, an antibiotic cream is applied and you can go home. For a period of one to two days, you might feel mild swelling and redness in the treated areas which are desirable effects of the treatment. An average patient can go about his or her routine from the very next day as the unsightly effects of treatment tend to vanish by that time.

3. In the days after the procedure, you need to apply sunscreens and avoid sun as much as possible. It helps to wash your face at least four times a day with plain water, or at the most a gentle face wash once a day, and pat the moisture dry without rubbing the skin. During this phase, please avoid using cosmetics, exposure to heavy environmental pollution, working too near heat, using contraindicated medications (your doctor will discuss them with you in your personal visit), or any waxing or beauty parlour procedure.

4. The best results of treatment require at least three sittings six weeks apart but this description is applicable only to fine wrinkles treatment. For other conditions, the schedule, number, and interval between the sittings may be different.

5. In general, Microneedling is a safe procedure that is less expensive, causes less pain, has no risk of cross-infection, and without any down time.

Please remember

That Microneedling has the best ability to reach the hard to approach areas of the face.

That Microneedling is the only procedure with which the depth of skin to be treated can be measured and reached accurately

A variety of drugs can be injected with precision while the procedure is being carried out.



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