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Fractional Laser Treatment for Skin Conditions

Fractional Laser Treatment for Skin Conditions


The term LASER is short form of a light that has unique characteristics which make it suitable for medical and surgical applications. Fractional Laser is a method of using Lasers in such a way wherein very small columns of area are treated leaving gaps between them instead of treating the whole area. The gaps are controlled by computer generated settings and it reduces healing time to yield results superior to other methods. As fractional laser systems lead to formation of totally new skin in place of the existing unhealthy skin, therefore, this procedure is also referred to as laser resurfacing


Quick facts

Fractional laser modifies both the upper as well as deeper layers of the skin. It results in repair by remodeling fibre that make up connective tissues. It also leads to the formation of fresh fiber.

Fractional laser has been shown to benefit scars caused by pimples or other conditions, sun damaged skin, and aging related changes like wrinkling, irregular complexion which are responsible for significant discomfort and frustration among subjects having them. Compared to fractional laser, other modalities have been far less effective in skin rejuvenation.


Fractional lasers offer following advantages over conventional methods

·                  Improvement in both upper and lower layers of skin

·                  Suitability for all skin types

·                  Suitability for areas like face, neck, chest, and hands

·                  Possibility of combining with other treatment methods like surgery or special lights     

·                  Ease of use in early as well as late stages of condition

·                  Reduction in recovery time


The disadvantages for fractional laser treatment are

·                     Scaling which can be easily managed by moisturizers

·                     Swelling that can be controlled with ice packs

·                     Darkening which can be prevented or repaired with appropriate measures


The skin conditions in which fractional lasers have been found to be effective are


Scars due to acne or other causes

A scar on skin is an unsightly area of abnormal tissue that replaces normal skin after a disease or injury. In most cases a scar is thinner, shinier, inelastic, and depressed than the surrounding areas of normal skin 



Symptoms of aging include wrinkling, loss of skin tone, dullness, thinning, and irregular complexion. However, certain conditions need to be taken care of before considering Fractional Laser. These are

·         Acne

·         Cold sores

·         Family history of irregular response of skin to trauma,

·         Use of certain medications


Procedure and Precautions

·         Fractional laser process begins with a thorough examination and history.

·         Laboratory tests might be required in some cases.

·         This is followed by counseling and documentation

·         Pre-treatment is given in the form of bleaching or chemical peels

·         Procedure is done in outdoor setting under local anesthesia

·         Patient is advised to wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and not to wear any make-up or jewelry before arriving for the procedure on the appointed day

·         Local anesthesia is used for numbing the area

·         A gel is used for guiding the laser light to the surface to be treated

·         The procedure can take nearly thirty minutes and pain usually tolerable.

·         Cooling of the area is done simultaneously along with the laser use

Post procedure burning can last a few hours while swelling may take a few days to subside.

For the next 3-6 days the skin turns pinkish, followed by a bronze discoloration giving way to desquamation.

A number of such sittings might be required at monthly intervals and improvement can be expected in 3-4 months

Following the prescribed medicines and timely follow up are crucial to gratifying results.




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