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  • Aug 11, 2018

Aging related Health Issues



Ageing is a natural and physiological set of processes characterized by a gradual decline in the structural and functional capabilities of an individual with the passage of time



Quick Facts


  • The number of aged persons is increasing all over the world and this phenomenon is most evident in the low and middle income countries


  • The process of ageing differs from person to person but is also influenced by heredity, lifestyle, dietary habits, tobacco and alcohol use, and environment among other factors


  • The aged have special needs that need special arrangements.


  • The aged are more prone to be neglected, physically and emotionally abused, and are at a risk of being denied dignity and rights within or outside their homes.


  • It is high time to create facilities for health, participation, and security of the ageing population so that they remain active in their communities. This concept is termed as Active Ageing



Improving living conditions for the ageing population at individual level


  1. Adoption of health promoting behavior including dietary modifications, performing recommended physical activity, tobacco and substance use cessation, and comprehensive health checkup to detect early signs of Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, malignancies, and vision/ hearing/ dental functions.


  1. To enhance awareness about needs of ageing and to make appropriate arrangements for the same.


  1. To have a decent health insurance cover to take care of financial burden arising out of health events.


  1. To join or form groups with persons of nearly the same age and exchange relevant information.


  1. To pursue activity rich life according to one’s physical capabilities and respond to needs of the society to the best possible extent


  1. To write a health will specifying what you would like to be done on your physical being in case you are unable to communicate your choices due to sickness


  1. To have adequate funds for your health and other needs in case you are neglected by the family or others.


  1. To be a useful member of the family as best as possible


  1. To be aware of your rights from the family, society, and the authorities as an ageing person.


  1. To take recommended amounts of salt, sugar, calcium, and other dietary supplements



Improving living conditions for the ageing population at non- individual level


The care for the ageing population needs to have an integrated approach involving the hospitals, NGOs, authorities, social welfare organizations, housing, caregivers, volunteers, media, and the representatives of the ageing population themselves. The following measures are specifically desirable to meet the need:


  • Legislation to confer special rights of the aged


  • Comprehensive geriatric care aimed at detection and treatment of risks and appropriate plan to deal with eventualities


  • The buildings construction facilitating movement of wheelchairs and provision of floors and railings that would contain accidents due to falls


  • Special campaigns to register the aged and to stay in touch with hem to ensure they are getting the facilities needed for leading a dignified life


  • Suitable legislation for the protection of the rights of the aged


  • Providing recreational facilities for the ageing population


  • Involve ageing people in hobbies and active social life


  • Arrangement for facilities for complex co-morbidities, dementia and prompt medical aid


  • Facilities for rehabilitation and post discharge support


  • High quality nursing and residential support


  • Providing them information about choice and support for health, illness, and the end of life issues




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