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  • Aug 11, 2018

Adolescent Health

Adolescent Health


Adolescents are the individuals between the ages of 10 and 19. This period of one’s life is a transitional phase with a strong bearing upon one’s current and future health.


Quick facts


  1. The adolescents constituted nearly 17% of world population in 2015. The health problems of this population segment are unique and their handling can affect their development in a major way.


  1. It is sad but true that nearly 1.3 million adolescents died in 2012 alone due to causes that were either preventable or treatable.


  1. The loss of adolescent population is a global loss of workforce as these people are on the verge of entering their respective communities as a productive segment.


  1. There is a special need to understand the problems faced by adolescents and to address them effectively.


Issues of Concern


  • Use of alcohol and other addictive substances,
  • Smoking
  • Violence and injuries caused by accidents
  • Unsafe sexual practices and irresponsible reproductive health behavior, pregnancy, and motherhood
  • Suicides and mental health issues
  • Reckless dietary behaviors
  • Physical activity related issues
  • Problems related to occupational work like employment of the underage


Alcohol, drugs, smoking, irresponsible sexual behavior, pregnancy and motherhood

            The best tip regarding the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and other such behaviors including unsafe sexual behavior is to be aware of how to discriminate between what is desirable and what is not by perceiving the different situations in advance and to know when to say “No” not only the first time but every time and commit to oneself that nothing can distract them from their choice.


Physical activity

            The adolescents need to be apprised of what constitutes a good physique and how much physical activity is recommended for them. Parents and other sources of support play a crucial role in influencing choices that adolescents make. Schools, communities, and healthcare force must actively promote physical activities.


Dietary Advice

            The adolescents need higher nutritional intake and this can be achieved with awareness of their body requirements, availability of adequate quantities of the right choices in proper amounts.


Occupational injuries

            In several low and middle income regions of the world, child labor is a real problem the main cause for which is the need to supplement family incomes. Making up for the lack of facilities for education, legal provisions, and provision of vocational and safety guidelines along with inadequate enforcement can address this issue.

            These problems need a societal and governmental approach along with education of parents.


Mental health problems, suicides, and behavioral problems

            These issues crop up as a failure of the system to provide a health supportive environment for adolescents to grow up. Like several other problems of the adolescents, this issue too needs a multi-level approach.

            For specific tips on obesity, physical activity, road accidents, and substance abuse, please refer to the respective sections of this website.



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